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Visting - Inspection Charges99
Cockroach and Ant Control849
Rat Control649
Termite Control4199
Mosquito Control899
Bedbugs Control1699
Ant Control699
General Pest Control799
Cockroach Control799

pest control services in bangalore - Houzepert

PEST CONTROL At First glance ant like insects are similar to ants in size, overall shape and colonies Lifestyle that is why they are also called white ants that live in warm countries after the construction of a building underground termites dick their nest on the ground without colonizing them as a means of transportation if they are not bothered they feed on trees,leaving a large bark to hide their activity ,and damage can continue until parts of the structure collapse before they are discovered there are about so many types of termites the two main species classified according to their attacks on trees are termites or underground termites the most common and dry tree termites which lived on earth more than 250 million years before humans. All this type of insects destroy the house property e so a pest control is needed to clean all this species. Houzexpert provides services with pest control expert clean the insect from the house and make the house clean and hygienic and also disinfected. This service includes the thorough inspection of the area our pest control expert does the thorough and complete inspection and finds Cockroaches and other crawling and flying insects in tricky hiding areas. This pest control service includes two visit treatment at the first visit the treatment will happen with the gap of two weeks the first visit will be a spray treatment the expert with spray the chemical in all the affected areas and the customers are are asked to to empty the kitchen for the first visit the customer need to arrange utensils back in the kitchen only after 90. minutes of the treatment at the second visit they will apply the gel on the affected areas. And it targets eggs which might has later the hidden Cockroaches and new babies so killing them through the second visit enhances the effect of the services and it is recommended to take the second service even if the problem is eliminated after first visit. BEDBUGS: Before the treatment starts you need to dispose of the cartons, old newspapers and damp items. bed sheets, cushion cover clothing has to be washed in the hot water and you need to keep it in a sealed air bags. toys and other materials to be washed in the hot water or disposed off. Bedbugs are mostly found in mattresses so if the mattresses are of sponges and it is very heavily invested with bedbugs then it may need to be disposed off and you need to keep check on the bed bugs coming from the external sources like laundry, grocery bags, Hotel items. The experts in the second visit treatment will allow you to break the birth life cycle of the bed bugs and it kills adult bed bugs in the first visit and then targets newly hatched eggs in the second treatment than this helps in getting a long lasting relief from the bed bugs. TERMITES: this services is treating all holes with the Chemicals to stop the termite breeding and closing all treated holes with white cement to prevent future infestation to prevent future investigation spraying of chemicals on the wooden services in case of severe infestation it includes inspection of all wooden items and identification of all infected areas and it has 90 days service warranty and it includes free second revisit if the infestation persist again. BENEFITS: our service uses their chemicals which is safe for your home it kills Cockroaches , spiders and beetles it is not like the ordinary or local sprays which targets only the adult Cockroaches in the second treatment it eliminates the newly hatched eggs also. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS: The customer should not touch any sprayed surfaces till they are dry and once the chemical dries do not wash the surface with water or soap immediately you can use only a dry cloth to clean the surface. This service is free for the children's and the beds however it is also advisable to keep the children and pets away from sprayed surfaces till they are dry and keep an eye on them so that they can not leave the surface later. The houzexpert have great experts and it is mostly liked by the peoples and the feedbacks are really good most of the people are really liking the works of the experts the job they does is excellent it has been appreciated with many of the customer and there is a lot of positive feedback with houzexpert.

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