Service Rate List
Service NameChargesBOOK SERVICE
Tap Installation249
Wash Basin Installation499
Shower Installation249
Concealed Flush Tank Installation1199
Toilet Jet Installation 249
Indian Toilet Installation1599
Western Toilet Seat Cover Installation349
Western Toilet Installation 1799
Visiting - Inspection Charges 99
Other Fiting and Installation on Inspection99

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ALL ABOUT PLUMBER Plumber are the people who install and repair the pipes that supplies water and gas and also carry waste away from homes and businesses.You can find a reliable and experienced plumbing services near you through has a high service professionals. With this amount of plumbing work contractors tend to do their best service with hiring a plumber for simple repairs. With the help of this house expert the work becomes easier and faster we provide high level service with expert professionals who do there job faster .houzexpert provides some of the most common services offered by full service plumbing companies like leak repair and one of the most important plumbing services in the elimination of leaks in pipelines and sewer cleaning, toilet renovation ,to repair the garbage collection ,water heater services. With an extensive service provider based timingly service flexible pricing in service guarantees the house experts that make sure you get the most out of are services there are also cash payment options for delivery via wallet or internet banking there is also gas, fireplace, washing machine ,water purifier and,video surveillance and other electronic devices. we have been constantly working to Update our services and expand our service network to provide more and more services. SKILLS REQUIRED AS A PLUMBER: ‌Listening skills- They need to listen and pay attention to the customers and also what they are saying so that this allows to understand their problems properly. ‌ Critical thinking- When solving the problem which is very essential to use possible solutions before choosing the best one.‌Verbal communication- The plumber must be able to explain the customer clearly about the required work and the related cost.‌ physical strength- slumbers must be able to lift the heavy equipment and tools and then it to be very active and physically fit. PLUMBERS WORK ENVIRONMENT: Most of the plumber usually travel to the different work size everyday for performing their jobs like in homes or office building is and factories so they work in tight spaces typically in doors and some may work outside as well and they need to work even in poor weather so many plumbers frequently sustained injuries including burns, cuts ,and Falls. WORK SCHEDULE:Plumbers usually work full time their job is in evenings and weekends and they often part of the regular schedule and over time so more than 8 hours a day or more than 40 hours per week is very common in the plumber job because in order to respond to the emergency. Houzexpert provide all type of home services. We use network data and to read or write SMS the app uses your mobile network to communicate with the customer support or service providers have a word the app must read the pin we provided to access it the storage and file media only used to add photos to your profile and a little cache to speed up the app and it has the location since our services is location based it is also used to register. Fittings are not included in the cost this service does not include the cost of fittings, additional spare parts are extra helper our plumber can procure the required items for an additional cost at market rate. This service comes with a free 30 day warranty that covers any damages if you are not satisfied with the service you can get a free service revisit within 30 days. Water leakage: This service includes cleaning the drain and removing the waste and procurement of spare parts at extra cost. You need to book the specific drain blockage removal for example like balcony the service from the drainage pipe cart separately, alternatively, you can request the plumber for these services during the job and they will be charged separately for that. all kinds of table top, wall mounted of wash basin installation is done in the service traditional tap installation , inlet and outlet piping ,procurement of spare parts is also done. Houzexpert provides great services at you door steps you need not worry more about your household chores it provides excellent service with experts and professionals who makes your home disinfected ,very clean and hygiene with no any kind of infections.

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