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fridge repair home service near me in bangalore

REFRIGERATOR ISSUE'S: A refrigerator is known to be the most crucial electrical appliances in the kitchen as its cools our food for a longer duration of time by checking bacteria growth and also it ensure that we eat healthy food without wasting it so a refrigerator also has a longer lifespan of more than 10 years minimum so when compared to other home appliances in a home so however it has its own set of issues and if it is not maintained properly then sometimes your fridge might unexpectedly stop working or stop functioning due to some damage occurred in part of your refrigerator which needs to be fixed. LEAKING WATER FROM REFRIGERATOR: This issue occurs when the defrost drain of the refrigerator transports the water to the drain Pan from the coils. While defrost cycle the water gets eventually evaporated the ice and food particles can sometimes clog with the defrost drain of the refrigerator and the water will be saved in the freezer in this way the water will leak over your food and it will come out of the fridge so if the drain Pan has a small crack then the Water will also leak from the fridge and the expert technicians can easily access this cause of Water leaking problem and fix it properly. REFRIGERATOR COMPRESSOR ISSUE: This problems occur when the motor as well as the pump the compressor is the heart of any refrigerator so when the fridge cannot work without compressor because it regulates the Refrigeration cycle.In the Refrigeration cycle the compressor compressors the coolant which will spreads through the evaporator and condenser coils. The two of the most common reasons why the compressor is not functioning is that it is dirty and its internal parts have been not correctly lubricated. COOLANT HAS TO BE REFILLED: the refrigerator coolant flows through the evaporator coil and it cools the air over the coils which makes the food to get cold inside then however with the time the coolant level will reduce and your food will not get cold as it should be. IF THE CONDENSER COIL IS NOT CLEAN: condenser coil has to be situated behind a fridge and they are mainly responsible for converting the high pressure gas or vapour into high pressure liquid so in this process the condenser coils release heat hands on the soil gets dirty they cannot create heat and the fridge will not make the food Khol effectively so Your refrigerator may also stop working when the condenser coils are to dirty and the expert technicians will easily fix this issue with the unclean condenser coils so it is also possible for the condenser fan motor to cause hissing sound then the condenser fan motor will be able to remove the condenser coils heat and it will let the defrost water to get evaporated from the refrigerators drain pan. The dust which has been collected on the condenser coils will hinder the fan flow so the condenser coils have to be cleaned on regular basis. REFRIGERATOR MAKING STRANGE NOISES: when your refrigerator makes some strange noises like loud buzzing noise then you should know where it is generating from the fridge which is commonly the evaporator fan motor which is situated near the freezer this can create strange sounds when it gets damaged so the motor might stop functioning if the evaporator fan is loose the only way to get this rid of the problem is to replace the whole evaporator fan motor.You should never ever make an effort to fix this refrigeration on your own it's very risky as it is advisable that you book a skilled technician to replaces the defrost timer can also produce a strange sound and this has to be replaced immediately. IF THE MOTOR IS DAMAGED: refrigerator stop cooling your food anything stop working completely when the motor is spoilt or when it is damaged in this case you need to replace the motor it to cause the professional to mend this refrigerator problem. MCB TRIPPING: You will have to first disconnect all the home appliances when you notice the MCB tripping the MCB will trip when the circuit is overloaded after that you need to check whether your fridge is the reason why they MCB trips and if the problem continues then you need to call the technician and professional who would know about and get it done immediately.

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