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24/7 Emergency Air Conditioner Repair Our 24/7 emergency repair service can ensure your Illinois home gets back to a comfortable temperature in no time. Call or Book Services at HiService for emergency AC repair fast and affordable service. When should you call an AC technician? A large number of air-condition related issues are known to arise from improper maintenance, faulty installation and underrated service procedures. On occasion of improper installation, the airflow of the machine may get affected. It may also result in leaky ducts. The machine would not be able to perform optimally if the refrigerant charge is below the recommended level. You need to get in touch with one of the experts of AC repair & services when: 1. Your air-conditioner is blowing hot air. 2. You notice moisture around the appliance. 3. You can hear strange sounds from the motor. 4. You get a strong and pungent smell. 5. You find that the outside fan isnt functioning. What are the various preventive measures which you can adopt to increase the life of residential air conditioners? Machines are man-made devices which can encounter occasional hiccups. When your AC conks, you know how difficult it can get to survive the heat. However, adopting a few measures from beforehand can help you increase the life of your air-conditioner. Here are a few things that you should consider doing. 1. To increase the efficiency of the machine, consider replacing or cleaning the air filters on a regular basis. 2. The drain channels of the AC unit should be inspected and cleaned too as any blockage there will prevent the machine from reducing the humidity level. This may also taint the wall colour of your room due to excessive moisture accumulation. 3. The evaporator coil must also be checked on a regular basis. It should be properly cleaned to prevent settlement of any dirt or debris. 4. Ensure to cover the outdoor unit to protect it from dust and debris. 5. The seal between the window frame and your AC should be inspected to make sure that the metal base of the unit has proper.

Maintain a safe distance

You and your family should maintain a safe distance during your AC service

Please ensure you are preferably in a different room & follow social distancing norms to make this a low-contact service

Gas charging should ideally be done outdoors

Cooling gas used in your AC is highly flammable

Inform the technicians of any recent repairs that might have taken place on the AC unit

Our technicians will ensure that the equipment & surfaces are sanitized post the service

Make sure that the AC unit is disconnected from the power supply during gas charging

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